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We Can Do This!

Members of BASS have campaigned tirelessly for years for the restoration of bass stocks. Now we’re calling on anybody with an interest in bass fishing (either directly or indirectly) to join the fight. So is there any point or is this just a waste of time and effort? Well, let’s look at some of the […]

Bass in trouble – scientists demand 80% cut in landings

There’s an article circulating in various forms (The Independant; Fish2Fork), or rather, the wording differs slightly. What’s caught our eye is this paragraph: The problem is exacerbated by recreational anglers who are responsible for about a quarter of the total landings in the UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium. So we’re the PROBLEM?  Interesting that the 75% […]

Sea Angling 2012 – Further presentations to Anglers

Following on from our earlier post here: Sea Angling 2012 – Local presentations to anglers and IFCA’s The Angling Trust have reported that they will be holding meetings in Cornwall, Devon and Hampshire over the course of March in order for sea anglers to hear about the results of the Sea Angling 2012 project from […]

Sea Angling 2012 – Local presentations to anglers and IFCA’s

DEFRA are holding a series of meetings to present the findings of the Sea Angling 2012 survey. It is hoped that these will be attended by as many anglers as possible to show how important to us are these findings. David Mitchell of the Angling Trust writes: “The meetings we have arranged are as follows: […]

Allies against unsustainable industrial fishing . . .

Environmentalist and political activist, George Monbiot, has evidently been reading the Sea Angling 2012 report. In his most recent ‘Blog‘, for The Guardian, he examines that report and then moves on to talk about marine conservation zones, and how anglers, as conservationists in many respects themselves, were alienated from campaigning positively for the proposed zones. […]