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Slow & Low

This time of year can produce big bass, and i’m constantly distracted by the thoughts of how to maximise my chances of encountering one. There are so many different ways to fish for bass. The array of equipment available to us is enormous (and every increasing). Metals flung at distance, big shads fished sink & […]

On the Edge

I have recently returned from 8 days lure fishing in Ireland with Julian Fox. The fishing was challenging, but varying our methods and locations seemed to buy us more success. Yet the fact success does not come easily is no different from each of our 10 previous years of visiting Ireland. For us a flexible […]

Summer Solstice Bass

Arrangements were made for a 6-45pm meet with Phil ‘The Fly’ at location Y. My pager going off alerting me for a fire call at 5-00pm & another one at 6-25pm had delayed me somewhat. So an hour later than agreed I parked up at the car park for the mile plus hike to meet […]

Weedless, weightless soft plastics …

What’s all the fuss about ? Soft plastics are becoming increasingly popular amongst Bass anglers, be it bumped down an estuary, deep spun off the rocks or jigged out from a boat. The variety in makes, shapes, sizes and colours are staggering but one method which still leaves many people baffled is weedless, weightless. Jargon […]

Slice and stick your plastics . . . !

An interesting topic popped up last month but, with one thing and another, I hadn’t got around to adding a mention here. It entailed Steve Pitts detailing the technique ‘spawned’, as he puts it, by Mike Ladle, of slicing different soft plastics and then joining different halves in order to get the best ‘bits’ (as […]