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Time ‘n’ tide …

It’s always nice to have good news to share, and so it was recently when the guys at UKBLF organised an online charity event to win a pair of Costa sunglasses. The money raised was kindly donated to the sosb/BASS campaign, funds it greatly appreciated and it’s not the first time they have been generous in helping out. If sea anglings to remain basically free with no levies, we must all rely on the kindness of others to help back the campaigns to secure sustainable and diverse natural fish stocks.

Image © Bill Fagg


The past few weeks the sosb team has been busy with the campaign, chances are you have already seen some of the online campaigning. Fortunately, anglers along with some business have once more got involved and helped out with promoting in numerous ways. The important thing is, time is now running out, and it would be wise to take part and help protect the future of bass angling and the wild stocks of bass if you haven’t already, and if you have that’s great, thank you.


The BASS society has some regular Fish-ins due in the next few weeks, open to regulars and new members alike, more information and details can be found on the following forum thread, options one, option two, and three of the members only forum.


Image © Matthew Hooper


From an online spectator’s view The 2017 Bass Competition” is a refreshing and entertaining section with reports, updates and various goings on, such as- Steve’s thumb is not to be trusted, Calm Before The Storm, and Soggy 72cm. We also have gossip from Guernsey, plus Saltwater fly fishing and something about a “Two Hand Help Day at the Fish In” what’s that all about? See for yourselves –members log-in


Image © Bill Fagg

Don’t forget wild bass do matter ..



Image © Matt Spence