Highlights from the BASS forums

The ‘Mad Blogger’ strikes again . . .

‘Mad Mike’ Oliver and companions are once again in Ireland. This time for the Spring! All around the country BASS members stop what they are doing, and log onto the  BASS Forum regularly, to follow the antics on the ‘Blog’. Various excerpts: Ok lets go back a

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You cannot be serious . . .

Currently the liveliest part of the Forum is, and this will be a real surprise to many people outside of BASS, the section about our upcoming AGM . . . . it’s currently running at 87 posts and 1,767 views! Next to the West Wales Fish-in it’s

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BASS Magazine 144 . . .

BASS Mag 144 dropped through members letterboxes last week and, to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, it was a bumper edition with full colour from cover to cover. As ever, there was a wide selection of articles: BASS Magazine Number One – 1974 Soft Plastics in Estuaries –

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Soft Plastics . . . still ‘Hot Stuff’!

The influx of new members continues and the Forum is a busy place. The liveliest part is still the ‘Welcome’ section . . . we’ve seen several members from the continent introduce themselves incuding Belgium and Norway. Soft plastics are still ‘hot stuff’! Not being cheap and

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Welcome to BASS . . .

With the New Year, and ‘Online’ joining up and running, we’ve seen an influx of new members. One pleasing side-effect is that the Members Forum has become a busy place. The liveliest part is undoubtedly the ‘Welcome’ section . . . new people popping up and introducing

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