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Bass tidings…

As another year is drawing to a close, its time we thanked everyone that’s helped out. Be it during the campaigning, raising funds, or creating greater awareness throughout the past season. We are grateful for everything and the tremendous effort by all. It’s been a busy and progressive year for BASS, undertaking changes and modernisation […]


We hear a lot about this from the commercial sector – how they have to throw back tonnes of perfectly good fish. While the whole sad and sorry incident on a recent BBC Spotlight programme highlighted this issue, it was a very biased account which reflected adversely on all those who were involved in its […]

Don’t be robbed.

If social media support or online talk was actions then already we would have secured our angling rights, along with safeguarding our public bass fishery. The alternative is that we are going to see our public fishery stolen from us, as its theft by any other name. The choice is yours, fight for our angling […]

Know a tackle store owner?

[INSERT NAME] [INSERT BUSINESS] [INSERT ADDRESS]   [INSERT DATE]   Dear [INSERT NAME],   The EU Commission has recently put forward proposals which would prevent members of the public from fishing for bass recreationally during the first half of 2018 or from keeping any bass they catch to eat for the whole of 2018. It’s […]