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Don’t be robbed.

If social media support or online talk was actions then already we would have secured our angling rights, along with safeguarding our public bass fishery. The alternative is that we are going to see our public fishery stolen from us, as its theft by any other name. The choice is yours, fight for our angling rights the brutal truth is, as history shows, we are the only sector to have cared about the sustainability of our public wild bass stock. Stand up for wild bass and angling and don’t let bass angling become a crime.


Excuses are easy, yet won’t do much to protect your angling, only taking positive action has any chance of at least getting your concerns across, don’t surrender your rights to the public fisher. It takes little time or effort to sign the online petition or to encourage others to sign it. Follow it up by posting an email, doing nothing is not going to help your angling or wild bass. Put a stop to it please.

Some good news to report is that Guernsey BASS [G-BASS] has very kindly decided to make a nice financial donation to the campaigning funds in support of our efforts, and It’s greatly appreciated. Donations are always welcome to help with the campaigning. So thanks again to G-BASS.

Image © Bill Fagg


Its also been fantastic to see all the people pushing this campaign, and the social media groups and angling businesses’ creating awareness and generating further coverage and tremendous support.

We now only have a few precious campaigning days remaining to turn the tide on this sleazy situation we all face, it’s up to each individual to consider the consequences of leaving it to others. Bass anglings not a crime yet! You can stop this.


Save Our Sea Bass campaign would like to work more closely with bass guides. And the EU Commission proposal has made it clear that bass guides need to get their voice heard. We are thinking about setting up a forum for bass guides to aid communication – if this is of interest, please get in touch via

BASS/SOSB invite you to contact us if the proposed Bass ban could affect your business, Bass guides or Angling related business. The campaign is putting together a letter to include all related business concerns please include name, business and any logo to-


A reminder for BASS members to keep posting their catch reports on the membership only forum, and also to be sure to report your angling trips to our society catch recorders. Remember these all help to inform the wider membership via each BASS journal. The next publication deadline to forward them is Midnight on Sunday 10 December for text and/or images.



Angling does provide a viable sustainable wild bass fishery.


Image ©Peter M