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EU fisheries scientists advise ZERO bass landings in 2017

The advice of the European Unions fishery scientists for the management of bass stocks in 2017 in the area that includes the UK is: “ICES advises that when the precautionary approach is applied, there should be zero catch (commercial and recreational) in 2017.”  We will report further here on this and our suggested response to this in […]

Ridiculous, But No April Fools. No Wonder Bass Anglers Are Demonstrating

As of today each inshore commercial gill net fishing boat can take 1.3 tonnes of bass every month for the rest of the year. Anglers on the other hand cannot take a single bass until July and then only 1 a day for the remaining 6 months of 2016. As completely crazy as this seems, this no April […]

Eating an Elephant Faster – A Bass Campaigning Update.

A year ago I interviewed Nigel Horsman and David Curtis at the BASS AGM and asked what we needed to do help get better protection for our bass. Nigel likened our huge task to eating an elephant but reminded us it was achievable if we approached it one bite at a time. A year on […]

Motion on unfair bass restictions for anglers is backed by MPs

The debate on the effect of EU measures on our bass angling took place in Parliament yesterday (11th Feb). The motion was passed without opposition. Although such back bench debates in themselves cannot bring direct change, the fact such a debate occurs reflects the ever growing demand for effective and fair means to restore our […]