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Shallow Reef Boat Bass Fishing

Shallow Reef Boat Bass Fishing With an increasing number of anglers taking to the water from boat, inflatable or kayak to target bass on lures, I thought I’d put this blog together on how I go about finding bass over shallow reefs. For a start safety comes first! However you intend to be afloat make […]

Big January Bass on Lures: An Audio Blog

A few days ago Julian Fox and myself ventured out on to a coloured stirred up sea at first light. We had travelled to the coast with our usual high expectation, yet the sight of the brown water with barely a foot of visibility appeared to have left us with little chance of a small […]

In the zone with bass blog team

  An offer over the summer months of 2014 to attend the inaugural BASS blog team meeting in November initially sounding quite uninviting. Firstly it was to take place in Northern France, and the astute amongst you will have already spotted that this entails a ferry trip – in November. Usually a month of gales […]

The Hodges Brothers Part 5: “The Big Fish Aren’t Gonna Last”

Kim and Clive round off their presentation with the answers to several questions from the audience and explain how they rig their mackerel baits; how they see the future for big bass and what they do with their bait at the end of a bad days fishing. • The ‘right’ conditions to fish for bass […]