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Supper4Science Update

For those collecting bass heads as part of the Essex University ‘Supper4science’ project, here’s an important update from Dr Howard Fraser. Good afternoon everyone! First of all I just wanted to thank you all for engaging with this work! We are now ready to share our collection plans with you all. Heads will need to […]

Bass – Handle With Care

Bass – Handle With Care by Jamie Strike B.A.S.S. fully supports both catching for the table and catch and release sea angling. But in all cases, members are asked to treat fish with respect. Current bass fishing regulations include months that are “no-take” for sea anglers. So, this article deals primarily with caring for bass […]

Response to EU Commission Sea Bass Proposals

EU Commission Sea Bass Proposals and B.A.S.S. response Summary We are campaigning for a range of measures to save the sea bass, which include: Cutting 2016 landings to 541 tonnes, as recommended by the scientists. Allocating fishing opportunities based on environmental and socio-economic criteria, as required by Article 17, Common Fisheries Policy. Commercial and […]

Spring is in the air !

I woke before my alarm sounded this morning. Primarily that was due to my 2 year old daughter being ready to get up, which pretty much means that the rest of the house is obliged to do likewise ! I took my iPhone from it’s charging station next to the bed, and immediately checked the […]

Winter preparations

For most, the bass season is well and truly over, and we’re in the midst of the long painful wait for the new season to begin. Water temperatures will be around their lowest point now, and the good news is that the evenings are drawing out, and it’ll only start to get better. For some, […]