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Its easy to campaign for reduced bass landings.

  At the weekend I found myself next to the water, without fishing tackle but in possession of my audio recorder. I might not have been able to fish for bass but at least I could pass on what I learnt at the recent BASS meeting – one intended to help give anglers like us […]

Sea anglers demand more bass protection . . .

Sea anglers in Cornwall are calling for urgent action to preserve fish stocks (Radio Cornwall also carried the story but but inevitably, many key points were edited out through lack of time. The first broadcast runs from 1:05 to 1:12.30  and the second from  2:05 to 2:15.20 into the programme. Radio Cornwall – as of today there are four days left […]

Perspectives by Malcolm Gilbert

It’s after eleven and I’ve decided to go to bed. I’m just on the verge of dropping off and the cordless phone on the dressing table brings me back to full consciousness.Hello, I answer apprehensively. Is that Malcolm Gilbert? asks the caller. Yes, I respond. The caller continues, A few mates and me are going […]