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Let our Bass Breed . . . action YOU can take to help . . .

To the majority of the population of the world the decline in fish stocks is just something they read about. They aren’t aware of what it really means . . . as there is no visible manifestation. But as anglers, or at least anglers not suffering from the phenomena of Shifting Baselines, we see the […]

Let Our Bass Breed

Last week representatives from the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society joined MPs from the All Party Parliamentary Angling Group in an Angling Trust organised delegation to Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon to press the case for sustainable size limits for bass in order to allow the fish to breed at least once and for stocks to replenish. […]

Southern IFCA . . .

The Southern IFCA is progressing it’s discussions regarding whether it ‘should’ increase the bass MLS. Though, as with any committee, these things are grindingly slow. It has recently been in touch with Graham Pickett (who has spent many years working on bass) and the relevant excerpt is below. Again we see (Environment Agency: Fish Monitoring […]

Southern IFCA consults on minimum landing sizes . . .

The Southern IFCA are currently reviewing their Byelaws (see below). As part of that process they have decided to run a series of public consultations on several Byelaws, INCLUDINGMINIMUM LANDING SIZES. The Byelaw Working Group minutes specifically mention mullet and skates and rays, but the consultation wants comments about all species. The notice from the […]

BASS Presentation to Southern IFCA

Nigel Horsman has reported back regarding his recent presentation to the Southern IFCA: “I got a good grilling and I think we won the arguments (but I would think that wouldn’t I?). Dr Antony Jensen chaired that part of the meeting and concluded (with the agreement of the TAC) that there is merit in our […]