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How hard can it be.

2013 has been a tough year (so far) for a lot of bass catchers. One could probably speculate a long time as to the reasons for this – from the cold winter, the late spring, right through to the commercial pressure finally taking its toll. Sure the scientists have eventually caught up with the rest […]

NEWSFLASH: Better Protection of EU Bass Stocks Might Just be Imminent.

After years of decline in our breeding bass populations, it finally seems the message we have been taking to those that determine fisheries policy might at last be getting through and emergency measures to limit bass landings might be imposed. In fact the momentum is strong enough throughout Europe that the efforts of the Angling […]

Wrestling Big Girls at Dawn.

There was a different blog post lined up for today but given the reports coming in from the crusaders in the Cape we thought an update to the progress of the BASS members currently in USA was in order. John Morgan has been updating the visitors to The BASS Forum to give a flavour of what is […]

RSA strategy – Trade view

[Comment – We reproduce below, an article which appeared in the June 2008 issue of the angling trade magazine ‘Tackle & Guns’ (a David Hall Publication). The article covers the tackle industry’s only trade body, ‘The Angling Trades Association’, suggestions for the future of sea fishing in the UK, in connection with the Government’s proposal […]