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The White Stuff – Part 9: “You’ve got to be the lure”

  Episode 9 – You’ve got to ‘be’ the lure Kevin and Keith White explain the importance of visualising how your lure looks to a fish and how to control where it is in the water column · Let nature do the work for you · All prey fish don’t go ‘Eat Me – Eat […]

The White Stuff – Part 7

Episode 7 – “Where the yellow arrows are; you’re not coming back” Kevin and Keith explain the extremes that they had to adopt in their fishing methods and the areas that they fish to overcome falling numbers of fish: · No individual angler can ever know everything – we do not live long enough · […]

The White Stuff Part 6: Some of this stuff is gonna sound crazy!

In this episode Kevin and Keith explain why LESS is definitely MORE. Their words of wisdom include: Do yourself a favour – turn your lure upside down; It’s the tiny little details that make the difference; It’s not just about the lure falling through the water, it’s the way it falls through the water; Smelt […]