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Simplifying the sea – ecocide in the English Channel

Titled ‘Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society’, unsurprisingly therefore, much of the material on this website is about bass. But as ‘bass anglers’ we are also all concerned about the health and well-being of the ecosystem of the seas and all the species that dwell therein. The article, which the title refers to, is a couple of […]

ICES Advice on bass (June 2014)

Excerpts below taken from the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) publication dated June 2014: ECOREGION STOCK – Celtic Sea and West of Scotland + North Sea European sea bass in Divisions IVbc, VIIa, and VIId–h (Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, English Channel, and southern North Sea) Strong year classes in 1989 and some subsequent years […]

So there we have it ….

Battered into submission ! With a seemingly endless queue of storms moving in from the Atlantic, it seems that for most areas in the UK the season is now probably over. It’s a shame, as for some areas, this can be a pinnacle of the season, but the conditions just aren’t allowing the opportunity for […]

How much longer can it go on ?

There have been a significant number of articles in the press recently about the challenges facing our beloved bass. An article in the Guardian here discusses the latest situation. B.A.S.S. has been campaigning long and hard for many years for recognition of the decline, always fearing that it would need a major stock collapse to […]