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On Friday 28 th June 2013 Nigel Horsman , Andy Ford from SKY TV’s tightlines and I all fished together on Zen2 . The plan was to produce a nice little fishing film with an emphasis on highlighting the worrying issues concerning the current management of the species . I really hope the film helps […]

The Devil is in the detail?

Each year BASS gives a few awards for the biggest bass caught on bait, lure and fly from shore and from boat. And although I never get a sense anyone obsesses about catching the biggest fish just to outcompete their fellow members, I am sure, like me, many harbour a desire to win one as to do so means you have […]


I’m pretty sure that most anglers look forward to their fishing sessions with eager anticipation and part of that feeling is about NOT knowing what you’ll catch, or indeed IF you’ll catch. Anticipating what you might catch Perhaps if we were able to predict what we were going to catch, how many fish and how big they […]

NEWSFLASH: Better Protection of EU Bass Stocks Might Just be Imminent.

After years of decline in our breeding bass populations, it finally seems the message we have been taking to those that determine fisheries policy might at last be getting through and emergency measures to limit bass landings might be imposed. In fact the momentum is strong enough throughout Europe that the efforts of the Angling […]

BASS . . . at the National Oceanography Centre

On the 5th January Nigel Horsman gave a public talk at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton University, entitled “How to restore bass stocks – and why bother?”. The talk was video’d (domestic camcorder, so the quality isn’t great) and can now be viewed on the NOC’s youtube site (see below).