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  • My First Ten Pound Bass
    My First Ten Pound Bass
    6 July 2020 by
    CHAPTER 5 – GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS My First Ten Pound Bass Some years ago I had a friend, Roger, who was a car salesman for a main dealer in Plymouth. He was very good at his job and sold a record number of new cars. His...
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  • Suffolk Bassing - Ambition Achieved
    Suffolk Bassing – Ambition Achieved
    3 July 2020 by
    CHAPTER 5 – GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS Suffolk Bassing – Ambition Achieved It was a dull and drizzly day. I had gone down to my boat to do a couple of jobs on it. I thought that if the work was straight forward I might have time...
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  • When Bass Don't React
    When Bass Don’t React
    1 July 2020 by
    When Bass Don’t React by Donovan Kelley Many readers will have had the unhappy experience of catching a nice bass which gives only token resistance to the rod; more like a cod, say, or a ray, than a tough, hard-fighting predator capable of tremendous bursts of speed. Why...
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