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  • Winter (Part 1)
    Winter (Part 1)
    22 January 2021 by
    CHAPTER 9 – ‘MORA’ Winter (Part 1) Year followed year, and with the passing of time Mora grew to exceed 10lb. Her natural enemies became fewer and fewer and she left the shoal to hunt on her own. She was a creature of habit, and her life...
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  • Autumn (Part 2)
    Autumn (Part 2)
    15 January 2021 by
    CHAPTER 9 – ‘MORA’ Autumn (Part 2) At this time the tenants of the reef changed as some of the summer visitors, who had come there to spawn, departed on their winter migration to warmer southerly waters. Others, following the shoreline until they tasted the waters of...
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  • Autumn (Part 1)
    Autumn (Part 1)
    8 January 2021 by
    CHAPTER 9 – ‘MORA’ Autumn (Part 1) During the last ice age the glaciers that started high up in the hills gouged U-shaped valleys from the ancient Cambrian rock and, moving remorselessly down towards the frozen lowlands, carried great boulders and stones along with them. When the...
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