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  • Bassing Via The Three 'R's
    Bassing Via The Three ‘R’s
    30 October 2020 by
    CHAPTER 6 – LESSONS LEARNT Bassing Via The Three ‘R’s Bassing via the three R’s? What on earth are you talking about Jon, Reading, Riting and Rithmatic? Not quite. The three ‘R’s for me are Routine, Research and Results. Let me start the journey through the three...
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  • Bassing In West Hampshire - Time And Tide
    Bassing In West Hampshire – Time And Tide
    26 October 2020 by
    CHAPTER 6 – LESSONS LEARNT Bassing In West Hampshire – Time And Tide Crunching along the shingle homeward bound for breakfast, after casting a plug at first light, or clambering up a cliff at some Godforsaken hour, most often fishless, does not give me a lot of...
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  • Alice's Pipe
    Alice’s Pipe
    23 October 2020 by
    CHAPTER 6 – LESSONS LEARNT Alice’s Pipe For some weeks I kept two small bass in a 55 gallon tank along with a few beadlet anemones, a single large snakelocks anemone, two small shore crabs, some limpets and winkles, and a selection of palamanoid prawns and crangoid...
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Fly-fishing wins the day!

Below is a brief account that illustrates the subtlety and finesses that is possible when fly fishing for bass...

Conditions were tough – clear water, a cloudless sky and an offshore wind – but for three evenings in a row, the fly beat the lure. Casting parallel to the shore rather than at right angles to it, was the key to success. Resisting the temptation to launch a cast at the far horizon and working the edges paid dividends. On top of a spring tide seaweed maggots and more was drawing in the baitfish and the bass were following.

The post session post mortem in the car park revealed that the lure anglers had caught just the one fish over three sessions. Black, white and grey unweighted Deceivers fished on a floating line no more than 10 metres from the shore had landed 10 bass to 45cm while the Patchinko 125s used by the lure guys were likely being punched over the baitfish and the bass.

The bass might not have been big but they were very! satisfying.
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