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  • Apply to Join Your Local IFCA
    Apply to Join Your Local IFCA
    8 August 2021 by
    Apply to Join Your Local IFCA! The Deadline for applications has been extended to 11.55pm on Sunday 15th August 2021 In England, ten IFCAs (Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities) are responsible for managing sea fisheries resources from the coastline out to 6 nautical miles.  Each IFCA is...
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  • Shallow Reef Boat Bass Fishing
    Shallow Reef Boat Bass Fishing
    30 July 2021 by
    Shallow Reef Boat Bass Fishing With an increasing number of anglers taking to the water from boat, inflatable or kayak to target bass on lures, I thought I’d put this blog together on how I go about finding bass over shallow reefs. For a start safety comes...
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  • My Bass Angling Journey
    My Bass Angling Journey
    23 July 2021 by
    My Bass Angling Journey Aged seven, I was sat behind my dad on my uncle’s boat with a handline catching baby pollack whilst they fished for bass. At the age of eight I was elevated to bass fishing with a rod and line of my own, so...
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