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  • Have You Done Your Homework?
    Have You Done Your Homework?
    7 May 2021 by
    Have You Done Your Homework? Although the bass season is already underway for some of us, it’s never too late to do some advance thinking, in preparation for those hoped-for bass trips this year. If you generally do snap sessions, or just go bassing when on holiday...
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  • Understanding 'Structure' And Food Holding Areas
    Understanding ‘Structure’ And Food Holding Areas
    30 April 2021 by
    Understanding ‘Structure’ And Food Holding Areas “Every bass angler should have the word ‘structure’ indelibly inscribed onto his mind. Bass are frequently found close to structures because they offer security both to them and their prey”. The famous and well-liked bass angler, John Darling, used the above...
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  • Daiwa Shoreline Shiners
    Daiwa Shoreline Shiners
    23 April 2021 by
    Daiwa Shoreline Shiners Welcome to the wonderful world of Daiwa Shoreline Shiners. In this article we will attempt to explain how to understand the difference between variations and sizing, along with some of the lettering you might notice printed on the lures or packaging.  For the large...
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