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  • Sampling Very Small Bass in a Bass Nursery Area
    Sampling Very Small Bass in a Bass Nursery Area
    29 May 2020 by
    Sampling Very Small Bass in a Bass Nursery Area by Captain Derek Goodwin To begin, bass spawn at sea 20 miles or more off shore starting in February, continuing for a few months. The hatchling bass larvae mingle with the plankton, but somehow move inshore to enter estuaries...
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  • A Week In September
    A Week In September
    27 May 2020 by
    CHAPTER 5 – GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS A Week In September Although I made a promising start that year in the Brighton area with six bass in the boat in late May and early June, by late September I was lamenting the passing of yet another season....
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  • I Wish I'd Seen That One
    I Wish I’d Seen That One
    25 May 2020 by
    I Wish I’d Seen That One by Donovan Kelley It was undoubtedly a big one, much bigger than the 3-pounders I had been catching. On feeling the rod she took off at speed down the estuary, heading for the open sea beyond. At the bar, some hundred yards...
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