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  • Nocturnal Fly Fishing
    Nocturnal Fly Fishing
    15 July 2020 by
    CHAPTER 5 – GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS Nocturnal Fly Fishing For years several anglers have realized that under certain conditions fly fishing is a superior method for bass. They have diligently pursued their quest while others, including me, felt they were just amusing themselves with undersized fish....
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  • Never Too Old
    Never Too Old
    13 July 2020 by
    CHAPTER 5 – GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS Never To Old It was a beautiful September day, warm and sunny, with a hint of autumn in the air. The leaves were beginning to turn to gold and Boston ivy was crimson in the sunlight; it was good to...
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  • Boat v Shore
    Boat v Shore
    10 July 2020 by
    Boat v Shore by Donovan Kelley For as long as I can remember I have had a strong preference for shore fishing. An illogical preference, as boat normally delivers better than shore – particularly with pollack (next to bass, my favourites). I do not suffer from sea sickness,...
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