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Two Favourite Books

Most of us buy books about sea fishing, and the majority of these will be manuals on how to catch fish. These are essential for anyone starting out in the sport, and also for experienced fishermen wanting to try a new method such as fly fishing.

New UK Bass Research Projects

Joe Dawson from the University of Essex has penned this guest blog detailing some exciting research that BASS is pleased to support. Details of how BASS members and recreational sea anglers can get involved will be released soon. A team from the University of Essex have been making their way around the UK coastline this […]

Science Group Update – September 2022

Fisheries Industry Science Partnership (FISP) scheme The FISP scheme aims to improve and share knowledge of fisheries and aquaculture by funding data collection and research to support sustainable fisheries management. This scheme is designed to foster partnerships with scientific organisations to help support the ‘industry’ (including recreational fishing). Contracts of up to £300,000 are available […]

BOFFFFs and the Bass FMP

The Bass Fishery Management Plan (BFMP) is very topical with stakeholder opinions being sought, so let’s take a look at one of the spawning stock misconceptions to look out for and what a suitable suggestion might be. Size is everything It’s noticeable that spawning-stock biomass is almost always regarded as being reproductively the same no […]