Bass In The Seagrass

The poor state of the bass Spawning Stock Biomass (SSB)* and plotting a future recovery makes understanding the behaviour of juvenile bass as important as ever.  One of the many places they frequent is the seagrass meadows of the Solent – an important habitat for bass and many other fish species. Presently the seagrass appears […]

Bass Growth Rates

Like any species, bass growth is dependent on a host of environmental and genetic factors. Just like tall human parents almost always produce tall children, bigger, faster growing bass are extremely likely to produce offspring with the same traits. We know that bass are a slow growing species compared to other fish and a bass […]

Bass Lure Fishing – A Guide’s Perspective – Volume One

Book Review: Bass Lure Fishing – A Guide’s Perspective – Volume One by Marc Cowling After Marc’s last book, ‘The Lure of The Bass’, this latest book promised to be different. The previous book was a ‘How To Manual’ type of book. This book was going to be almost a ‘Confessions of a Bass Lure Guide’. […]

Apply to Join Your Local IFCA

Apply to Join Your Local IFCA! The Deadline for applications has been extended to 11.55pm on Sunday 15th August 2021 In England, ten IFCAs (Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities) are responsible for managing sea fisheries resources from the coastline out to 6 nautical miles.  Each IFCA is managed by a committee that meets 4 times […]

Shallow Reef Boat Bass Fishing

Shallow Reef Boat Bass Fishing With an increasing number of anglers taking to the water from boat, inflatable or kayak to target bass on lures, I thought I’d put this blog together on how I go about finding bass over shallow reefs. For a start safety comes first! However you intend to be afloat make […]