Lure Fishing In Coloured Water

Lure Fishing In Coloured Water Conventional advice for lure fishing is to steer clear of coloured water, and seek out some water with a bit of clarity – how else will a bass see your lure?. But we’ve all done the long drive, only to find that there’s coloured water as far as the eye […]

Boat Fishing For Bass

Boat Fishing For Bass A lot goes into organising a day on a charter boat. Picking the tides with the help of the skipper. Picking the skipper with the help of results or reputation. Getting the right weather to be able to go. Picking the right gear for the conditions you’ll encounter. Putting together a […]

Back To School

Back To School Following on from Geoff Gonella and Steve Pitts recent post ‘Have You Done Your Homework?‘ Rhys Hunt shares the results of some of his homework, some background behind a recent capture, and why he went back to school. About five years ago, via Google Earth, I identified an area of coastline that […]

Bass Fishing Safety

Bass Fishing Safety General awareness As bass anglers we have chosen a sport that brings us into contact with ‘the great outdoors’, but with that comes a responsibility for our own safety, and for how our actions might affect the safety of others. It’s wise to develop a basic instinct for safety when bass fishing, […]

Have You Done Your Homework?

Have You Done Your Homework? Although the bass season is already underway for some of us, it’s never too late to do some advance thinking, in preparation for those hoped-for bass trips this year. If you generally do snap sessions, or just go bassing when on holiday or while working away etc, then you only […]