Methods Of Tracking Bass

Methods of tracking bass. The idea of following, or tracking, fish as they make their way around their unseen watery world has always held a fascination for anglers. This is not without significant challenges due to the dynamic nature of the ocean, the uncertain and invisible movement of individuals across huge ranges, and the changes […]

Summer (Part 2)

CHAPTER 9 – ‘MORA’ Summer (Part 2) Six years before, on a sunny June day, the bubble of life that was the infant Mora had drifted near the surface of the sparkling, living sea and became a tiny part of the foundation of all life in the oceans, a tiny speck of plankton, a drifter. […]

Summer (Part 1)

Editor’s Note The following four-part story originally appeared in ‘Angling’ magazine in 1973. Some of the biological material is not quite correct in the light of scientific knowledge gained since then, from research into spawning, movements etc. CHAPTER 9 – ‘MORA’ Summer (Part 1) Turning towards the river mouth she swam easily on the slack […]

Nursery Areas

CHAPTER 8 – PROTECT AND SURVIVE Nursery Areas Fishing for bass from any vessel, as well as fishing for any species of sea-fish using sandeels as bait, is prohibited by law in 37 separate areas for all or part of the year. These areas, their extent and the length of prohibition are shown below. These […]

Walls Have Ears

CHAPTER 8 – PROTECT AND SURVIVE Walls Have Ears Should you find some good undiscovered or forgotten bass fishing marks, be careful who you tell. It is not a question of being selfish or secretive. Inshore bass are very vulnerable to netting, and to rod and line anglers who have no conscience. As the inshore […]