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A Weeks Bassing In Portugal – Part 2

A Weeks Bassing In Portugal - Part 2

Wednesday morning saw my back at the same area, but as I was driving down something told me to have a try off the beach instead, rather than heading straight off the rocks.  It was a couple hours after high tide so I wasn’t sure I could

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A Weeks Bassing In Portugal – Part 1

A Weeks Bassing In Portugal - Part 1

As a landlocked bass nut, I find myself travelling long distances to fish, and I am really lucky that I have a very understanding partner – all of our summer camping trips are based around bass fishing locations in Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. Sitting with my

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A remarkable sight ….

Continuing the theme of the good-fortune enjoyed by the members of the BASS Blogging team, this time it’s Matt on the receiving end … In January Matt made an audio blog of Julian catching a fair few good bass including a whopper of 12 pounds. Well on

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A Year in the Making

  “Cukoo, cukoo” bleeps my phone, alerting me to a text. It’s from Matt, “Wanna go fishing tomorrow?” I check the diary and text back, “It’s a goer!” “Fekinel!!!” is his near instantanious reply. For a variety of reasons I have been repeatedly unable to take Matt

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For the love of plastic

One behaviour that is seemingly almost universal to lure anglers is the despair that accompanies a lure becoming snagged and in danger of being lost. What is worrying though is the lengths that some individuals can go to in an attempt to retrieve a lure, even one of

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