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The tug is the drug

I’m often asked the question – Why do I go fishing? It’s not an easy question to answer, especially if you want to get an understanding response from anyone that cannot understand your logic. Apart from being looked upon by my friends & family as being slightly

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Think like a fish

Storm Lures had a saying on their lure boxes – ‘Think like a fish no matter how weird it gets’. Well I have woken up in the early hours many a night in a cold sweat, kicking & screaming. In my nightmares I was always a haddock,

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Safety and risk – do or die?

‘Risk’ means different things to different people. So when we say something is ‘very risky’ it isn’t very helpful; not really very helpful at all. One bass angler’s ‘risky’ is another bass angler’s ‘safe enough’. But we all think about risk all the time, even though we

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The Devil is in the detail?

Each year BASS gives a few awards for the biggest bass caught on bait, lure and fly from shore and from boat. And although I never get a sense anyone obsesses about catching the biggest fish just to outcompete their fellow members, I am sure, like me, many harbour a desire to win

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Getting a grip

The use of lip gripping devices in angling is always a controversial issue. Personally I use them & I will tell you why. After suffering a treble hook in my finger on two occasions I decided that keeping my fingers away from the danger area is paramount

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