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BASS AGM and The White Stuff 11

This Sunday (16th March) is the BASS annual general meeting at Oxtalls Indoor Tennis Centre, Plock Court, Gloucester. This days is far more than the undertaking of the formal procedure necessary to ensure an organisation runs democratically and effectively. It’s a place where members catch up, make plans, buy cut price tackle from Veals, attempt […]

The White Stuff – Part 10

Bass member Paul Jennings (also known as PJ ) went in persuit of wrasse on soft plastics on the South Coast at the weekend. The sea was calm at last but the water remained very coloured He failed in his quest, but did manage this bycatch! The picture on his mobile lacks quality: the bass […]

The White Stuff – Part 9: “You’ve got to be the lure”

  Episode 9 – You’ve got to ‘be’ the lure Kevin and Keith White explain the importance of visualising how your lure looks to a fish and how to control where it is in the water column · Let nature do the work for you · All prey fish don’t go ‘Eat Me – Eat […]

Book winners & The White Stuff – Part 8

The draw for the “Bass and BASS” books has now been made. Paul Pedreschi in North Wales and James Hooper in Heartfordshire were randomly selected from the list of all subscribers to the BASS Newsletter and have now recieved their copies ( a 3rd winner in Dorset has yet to reply to my email). I am […]

The White Stuff – Part 7

Episode 7 – “Where the yellow arrows are; you’re not coming back” Kevin and Keith explain the extremes that they had to adopt in their fishing methods and the areas that they fish to overcome falling numbers of fish: · No individual angler can ever know everything – we do not live long enough · […]