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Compact Angling Photography – Part 3

Compact Angling Photography – Part 3 by Steve Pitts Continuing with the various pre-set modes that I use the most and why I use them ….. Sports mode – useful if you’re trying to capture anything moving at speed – a leaping tarpon, an angler casting, birds in flight or the rush for the bar […]

The Influence Of Year-Class Strengths

The Influence Of Year-Class Strengths by Donovan Kelley I am sometimes asked, “why is there such a conspicuous gap in the range of sizes I am catching?” The enquirer has been getting plenty of young adults in the 1½ to 3 lb range, and odd good fish of 6, 7 or even 8 lbs. But nothing […]

Wrong Place, Right Time

CHAPTER 5 – GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS Wrong Place, Right Time I was returning to Cork after a visit to the east coast when I happened to hit the early evening traffic along the Quay in Waterford. Finding myself in the wrong lane, I ended up on the R783 to Dunmore East instead of the […]

BASS Photography Competition – Aug and Sep 2020

BASS Photography Competition – Aug and Sep 2020 As this months BASS photography competition is starting a little later than planned we are running the competition from now until the end of September. There are more great prizes generously donated by ‘Lure Fishing For Bass’. There is also an overall winner at the end of […]

Other Seas, Other Bass

Other Seas, Other Bass by Donovan Kelley It was my first visit to Buleji, a tiny fishing village out from Karachi, on the edge of the desert. With tent, camp bed and 2 weeks’ rations I had come to explore the fishing. After a year in the furnace heat of Upper Sind a welcome leave had […]