Understanding ‘Structure’ And Food Holding Areas

Understanding ‘Structure’ And Food Holding Areas “Every bass angler should have the word ‘structure’ indelibly inscribed onto his mind. Bass are frequently found close to structures because they offer security both to them and their prey”. The famous and well-liked bass angler, John Darling, used the above form of words in his popular book ‘Bass […]

Daiwa Shoreline Shiners

Daiwa Shoreline Shiners Welcome to the wonderful world of Daiwa Shoreline Shiners. In this article we will attempt to explain how to understand the difference between variations and sizing, along with some of the lettering you might notice printed on the lures or packaging.  For the large majority of lure anglers you are already going […]

How Bass Feed

How Bass Feed Bass will usually search for food wherever it can be disturbed by currents, waves and other types of water movement.  Swimming quickly, they feed primarily by sight during the day, and by a combination of senses in murky water and darkness.  Their food is often mini-species of fish (gobies), juvenile fish (joey mackerel), isopods (beach hoppers) […]

Experiences With Bass

CHAPTER 11 – Looking Back Experiences With Bass? My first experiences with bass took place when I was about thirteen, when my family regularly spent summer holidays and weekends in a caravan at Newhaven. I had been coarse and trout fishing since I was about five, but I had only read about fishing in the […]

Knowing Your Zonks

Knowing Your Zonks The Megabass Zonk has been around now for a number of years mainly down to the fact It is one of the most productive hard lures on the market and has gained cult status with many bass lure anglers across the UK. For those that are not familiar with the Zonk, It […]