Is There A Cure For Constipation?

CHAPTER 11 – Looking Back Is There A Cure For Constipation? Thirty years – goodness knows how many bass have slurped my offerings in that time, but I know they’ve given me a lot of pleasure, with of course a fair amount of frustration. But that is what fishing is all about: facing the challenges, […]

A Chairman’s Reflections Then And Now

CHAPTER 11 – Looking Back A Chairman’s Reflections Then And Now This year, every time I have tried to mount a serious bass trip, something has intervened. The whole of the June peeler crab fishing, or nearly all of it, I missed because of having to be in Germany for the World Cup. Catching small […]

Montauk In The Fall

CHAPTER 10 – American Cousins Montauk In The Fall Malcolm Gilbert and I look forward to our annual trip to Montauk, at the eastern end of Long Island, New York. Getting there Over the years we have developed a good partnership, organizing the trip in equal measure without any fuss and with total trust in […]

Swimming With Stripers

CHAPTER 10 – American Cousins Swimming With Stripers Standing on the beach at Ditch Plains, Mike Oliver passed me the binoculars to observe birds working over a shoal of fish on the distant horizon. Other anglers watched in awe, and very few words were spoken. Some claim that the autumn shoals of striped bass, bluefish […]

Stripers Afloat

CHAPTER 10 – American Cousins Stripers Afloat At a B.A.S.S. AGM we watched a presentation on fishing for striped bass in the USA. We were so impressed we decided to go over and have a try. Now that we have been, we’d like to share some of the tips and experiences we found. We had […]