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More of the Same Please

The turning of the year drags thoughts backwards as well as forwards. It’s difficult not to reminisce when the wind is howling outside and the sound of the TV is drowned out by the rain hammering on the window. It’s at this point that I can’t help thinking back to great sessions with calm winds […]

Too many lows: not enough highs

The weather of late has been as frustrating as I can remember. From July onwards I waited for the bass to show on my favourite south coast marks. My wait was long and it wasn’t until early October that my plans came good when two trips brought me 11 bass including a seven pounder, two […]

Net loss: how one individual made a difference!

As an organisation BASS acts collectively for its members, yet our resources are limited and we have to pick our fights as we dont have paid staff or huge financial resources.  Sometimes individual BASS members chose to act alone where they see an opportunity to bring about change that will benefit their bass fishing. Six  months ago […]

On the Edge

I have recently returned from 8 days lure fishing in Ireland with Julian Fox. The fishing was challenging, but varying our methods and locations seemed to buy us more success. Yet the fact success does not come easily is no different from each of our 10 previous years of visiting Ireland. For us a flexible […]

A Chough’s Eye View of Ireland

As I checked out a few of the bass and fishing related blogs the other day I spotted a link on the excellent Labrax Squad blog. This led me to a free set of electronic charts which has already led me to new discoveries. In the week since it came to my attention I […]