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Safety and risk – do or die?

‘Risk’ means different things to different people. So when we say something is ‘very risky’ it isn’t very helpful; not really very helpful at all. One bass angler’s ‘risky’ is another bass angler’s ‘safe enough’. But we all think about risk all the time, even though we may not do it consciously. When we are […]

The Devil is in the detail?

Each year BASS gives a few awards for the biggest bass caught on bait, lure and fly from shore and from boat. And although I never get a sense anyone obsesses about catching the biggest fish just to outcompete their fellow members, I am sure, like me, many harbour a desire to win one as to do so means you have […]

The Duck Vs Seal trip

While some anglers seem to find it easier than others to look at more than just weights and numbers to measure the quality of a day fishing, I have yet to meet someone who cannot see there is some truth in the old cliché that there is more to fishing than catching fish. I have […]

Is there method to your methods?

The other day, when seeking to use the internet angling forums as a substitute for being on to the water, I read a post from someone relatively new to lure fishing for bass. He was pondering the worth of owning numerous similar plugs that all fish apparently familiar ways, when for example one of the […]

Bass Fishing From A Boat – Part 3

The following information is based on personal experience over the last 35 years fishing from various south coast ports from Newhaven to Weymouth and across to the island of Alderney. It is intended to just give a taste of the terrain where I have found Bass and the techniques that I have used to pick […]