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The Wrong Tie

The Wrong Tie by Donovan Kelley No, not Trousers: the wrong Tie. This is not a Wallace and Grommit tale; and it certainly wasn’t a Grand Day Out – for me. With Eric, best of angling friends and long-term research partner, I was taking a break from the bass tagging. We were fishing some Anglesey rocks […]

Live Prawn And Float

Live Prawn And Float by Donovan Kelley A time-honoured method sadly neglected today. A Bass Society correspondent asked if members had any experience of live prawn as a bait for bass. I have – a lot. It was a long time ago but I cannot imagine that bass have lost their taste for prawn. In the […]

Bass Fishing In Other Days

Bass Fishing In Other Days by Donovan Kelley I have recently been going through my old Fishing Gazettes preparatory to disposing of them. It will be a wrench to see them go, but they take up yards and yards of shelf space and neither my son nor my son-in-law would want to take on that sort […]

Boat v Shore

Boat v Shore by Donovan Kelley For as long as I can remember I have had a strong preference for shore fishing. An illogical preference, as boat normally delivers better than shore – particularly with pollack (next to bass, my favourites). I do not suffer from sea sickness, so why this curious idiosyncrasy? It started so […]

When Bass Don’t React

When Bass Don’t React by Donovan Kelley Many readers will have had the unhappy experience of catching a nice bass which gives only token resistance to the rod; more like a cod, say, or a ray, than a tough, hard-fighting predator capable of tremendous bursts of speed. Why do they do it? Is it possible to […]