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An incoming text brings me out of my slumber. The room is dark and there’s no sign of light in the slither of sky visible through the gap in the curtains. Two pieces of information immediately leap to the forefront of my mind: firstly my fellow bass blogger Si told me he was going fishing […]

Shocking Point

Julian Fox and myself have recently returned from a brief trip to Ireland. This audio blog describes one short low water session where we sneaked around shallow, rocky kelp covered ground flicking lures.

I wonder why?

It was a warm day and I was fishing a mark I’d never fished before, an estuary and a big one. I was looking forward to it but in reality I knew I was too late, work had kept me occupied and then I hadn’t a clue where to park up for the best spot […]

Scratching The Surface

In the spring after a lay off from bass fishing I just want to catch and any means short of dynamite will do. Come summer though, if I have been lucky enough to chalk up some numbers of fish, my need to just catch (to some extent) becomes satisfied and how I catch comes more […]

Beneath The Terns – An Audio blog

Here is the latest audio blog recorded last week when fishing on the south coast of England. These audio blogs are still very much an experiment for me:  the sound quality varies somewhat and I still havent quite got the hang of always commentating on what I am seeing, yet hopefully in some small way, […]