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The Journey

  I’ve received a barrage of increasingly excited texts for my fellow blogger over the past few weeks as he prepared for his journey to Cape Cod. Some include pictures of his chosen lures, others featured a man resembling Si who had seemingly escaped his carers. Although I am not also going to the USA, […]

Beware of Rock Falls!

If you frequent various bass fishing related forums, it’s not unusual to read posts about anglers who have injured themselves whilst moving around on rocky shores. Given I also have a professional interest in this area; I tend to keep tabs on such mishaps. The list of these injuries I’ve noted over the years consists […]

Chris Yates Talks Bass

Keeping the blog updating on a regular basis is sometimes not the easiest of tasks. When perch fishing the other day it occurred to me that as well as videos, audio blogs may prove interesting and relatively easy to put together – or so I though. So armed with nothing more complicated than my iPhone […]

BASS AGM and The White Stuff 11

This Sunday (16th March) is the BASS annual general meeting at Oxtalls Indoor Tennis Centre, Plock Court, Gloucester. This days is far more than the undertaking of the formal procedure necessary to ensure an organisation runs democratically and effectively. It’s a place where members catch up, make plans, buy cut price tackle from Veals, attempt […]

The White Stuff – Part 10

Bass member Paul Jennings (also known as PJ ) went in persuit of wrasse on soft plastics on the South Coast at the weekend. The sea was calm at last but the water remained very coloured He failed in his quest, but did manage this bycatch! The picture on his mobile lacks quality: the bass […]