Just A Dream?

CHAPTER 8 – PROTECT AND SURVIVE Just A Dream? I trudged along the beach at dawn, the shingle crunching under my feet, and the sounds of small breakers washing the stones as the tide began to turn. Ahead I could see the figure of another angler, already set up and watching his rod tip intently. […]

The BASS Restoration Project

CHAPTER 7 – THE SOCIETY The BASS Restoration Project The pressures on commercially fished-for stocks around the globe have increased year on year, and we anglers have been able to do little more than read about it. While the fishing industry has geared itself up with larger boats, nets and more efficient equipment, we anglers […]

Thirty Years Of The Society

CHAPTER 7 – THE SOCIETY Thirty Years Of The Society “The aims of this Society shall be to develop and improve the interest and techniques of angling for bass and to encourage conservation and research of the species throughout the British Isles.” When I learnt of the creation of a Society with such laudable objectives […]

Introducing B.A.S.S

CHAPTER 7 – THE SOCIETY The Society was formed in 1973 after a meeting of bass anglers concerned about declining bass stocks. Membership has steadily grown and now stands at around 500, with members coming mainly from the United Kingdom, but also from Ireland, the Channel Islands, France, The Netherlands and the USA. Members are […]

A Met. Office Blunder – And What Followed

A Met. Office Blunder – And What Followed by Donovan Kelley It looked like another lost week-end. After a week of calm, Saturday brought a stiff south-west wind, and surf to match: the beaches were unfishable. It was bad luck for the two Menai Bridge students. They had joined me for the evening at our base […]